Waterworks Museum

Waterworks Museum, Hereford, Herefordshire, England

Visitors at the Waterworks Museum, Hereford can see the UK's widest range of working pumps and engines from across Herefordshire, neighbouring counties and Wales, most of which are the last working examples of their type. Heritage engineering at its best and wholly run by volunteers.

This award winning museum is one of Herefordshire's leading visitor attractions with something for all ages. Children enjoy using hands on exhibits, including in the unique Heritage Water Park, and the museum has a permanent exhibition to Hereford in WW2. Every exhibit is waiting to tell a story.

The volunteers at the Waterworks Museum want you to enjoy your visit and information is provided on the museum?s website to help you plan.

Please note that the Waterworks Museum is only routinely open one day a week - every Tuesday. We don't want your visit to be frustrated by finding our gate locked. Details of family open days when all engines and pumps can be seen working can be found in What's On. There are 20 of these days, Sundays and Bank Holidays, in a normal calendar year.


The Noel Meeke Heritage Water Park is unique in the UK and is aimed primarily at young people but ALL visitors are encouraged to enter and have a go with the historic water devices. Here visitors can interact with full-size devices for lifting, pumping, moving and filtering water which have been used down the generations. In a totally safe environment children can have immense fun and learn at the same time the difficulties of obtaining water in days gone by.


The Waterworks Museum is home to the City?s only permanent exhibition to life in WW2. This is based around the fire fighting equipment rescued from Rotherwas Munitions Factory and tells the story from July 1942 when the factory was bombed as well as life on the home front in Hereford.

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