Mona's Garden

Mona's Garden, Muswell Hill, London, England

Mona has spent 20 years in London creating her award-winning garden. Mona is both an amateur garden designer and a hands-on gardener. Mona welcomes visitors, students and fellow plant enthusiasts into her North London garden. Her garden (voted Best Back Garden by the London Gardens Society) is home to the Corokia National Collection, and to many other unusual Australasian and Mediterranean plants complemented in recent years by Restios from South Africa and interesting exotics. The emphasis of the garden is on texture, shapes and contrasting foliage colour.

Corokia is a genus of three species of evergreen shrubs endemic to the forests and rocky areas of New Zealand, and many more cultivars or hybrids. Given that box is, sadly, being decimated by blight and caterpillar through-out Europe, it may well be that Corokia's time has come. Corokia fit in with most plants, whether from the Southern or Northern hemisphere, and she has integrated them not only with many of their New Zealand cousins, but with other unusual and wonderful plants from around the world.

Mona's Garden is situated between Highgate and Muswell Hill, near to Highgate Tube station in North London.

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