Things to do - Northamptonshire

Northamptonshire is in the South Midlands area of England and covers an area of just over 900 square miles with a population of 570,000. The county town of Northampton is well known for its cobblers ie shoemakers. Northampton is a community with a fine mix of industry and agriculture as have the other main towns in the county - Kettering, Corby and Wellinborough. Corby has many inhabitants proud of their Scottish ancestry and the town even holds its own Highland Games each year. The main physical feature of Northamptonshire is the river Nene. The county's main commercial activities are cereal production and cattle farming. The name Northamptonshire comes from Old English North Hamtunscir meaning northern home town. The county has a fascinating past and contains many historic houses, but of course what Northamptonshire is world reknown for is Silvestone Race Circuit, which adds millions every year to the local economy.