Scilly Spirit Distillery

Scilly Spirit Distillery, Old Town, St Marys, Scilly Isles, England

In line with Government guidance on COVID-19 and the recommendation to avoid gatherings and crowded places, Scilly Spirit Distillery has made the difficult decision to close to members of the public until 2021. Please keep an eye out on our website and social media pages where we will post updates as the situation progresses.

Scilly Spirit Distillery, Old Town, St Marys distills delicious award winning ISLAND GIN on the Isles of Scilly.

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The inspiration for their gin recipe dates back to 1665 when the survivors of a ship, wrecked around Bishop Rock, were rescued by bold crewmen in pilot gig boats from this island, St Mary's.

Part of that ship's rich cargo was pepper from Java for the Spice Trade, and so pepper is one of the 6 main botanicals (reflective of the oarsmen) plus juniper (the cox to lead) that make up their bold, vibrant Island Gin.

Gigs now enjoy racing for sport from this island, versus their historic piloting role, as the Bishop Rock's majestic lighthouse shines to guide today's ships. Inspired by the heritage, beauty and vibrant aqua green sea of this enchanting archipelago, they feel their gin truly captures Scilly's spirit.

The sea surrounding the Scilly Isles supplies their Island's water and features in every bottle of their gin, so you experience a little bit of Scilly in every sip!

Their carefully chosen, and ethically sourced botanicals are steeped for 48 hours. This allows all the flavours and oils to infuse the spirit. Once the gin has been created, they leave it to rest for at least two weeks to enable the flavours to meld and marry together, to create a smooth rounded spirit.

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