Ludlow Farmshop

Ludlow Farmshop, Bromfield, Shropshire, England

A one-of-a-kind food shopping experience where farming, food production & retailing come together to create an award-winning environment.

The shop is set in the heart of the Earl Of Plymouth?s Oakly Park estate on the outskirts of Ludlow, surrounded by farms and fields that provide grass fed beef and lamb, wild venison and game, milk, honey, fruit and vegetables with minimal food miles and complete control on quality.

We care for our surroundings and are constantly looking for ways to work with more growers, producers and farmers to support both the local economy and the beautiful countryside. This is why 80% of what we sell is either made on-site or sourced from Shropshire and the surrounding counties of Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Powys.

The shop itself is a hive of activity in a unique, purpose-built food hall surrounded by seven production units where you can see our award-winning teams baking, cheesemaking, coffee roasting, butchering, preserving and cooking the wide variety of products on offer.

Next door you will find the Ludlow Kitchen Café, The Clive Arms restaurant and hotel, Ludlow Pantry, Ludlow Distillery, The Artist Gallery and The Plant Centre.
The Oakly Park estate was once part of a royal forest in the chase of Ludlow Castle. Clive of India purchased the estate in the second half of the 18th Century and it has remained in the hands of the Earls of Plymouth and Windsor-Clive family for six generations since then. Activities on the estate today include in-hand farming enterprises producing milk, beef, lamb and a variety of arable crops. Quarrying, renewable energy projects and residential and commercial lettings add to the mix of rural business surrounding the farm shop, which is also flanked by Ludlow Racecourse, Ludlow Golf Club and a plethora of exciting businesses, artists and craftsmen in and around the Ludlow area. We are proud to be a part of Ludlow?s international reputation for food and independent spirit and look forward to welcoming you soon.

At the centre of Ludlow Farmshop is where you will find all of our products. As well as those produced by our artisans, we stock a range of local fruit and vegetables, alcohol, soft drinks, sugar, cereals, milk, frozen foods, crisps and snacks, confectionery and store cupboard items. Our policy is simple, where possible we look to create it ourselves, if we can?t we look to Shropshire, then to the surrounding counties. This is why over half of what is available to buy is made or prepared at the farm shop and 80% comes from Shropshire and the surrounding counties.

We also have a fabulous gift shop located upstairs in Ludlow Farmshop which offers a range of unique gifts, cards, treats and treasures. From homeware and foodie books to children?s toys and luxury skincare, we have something for everyone!

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