Ludlow Farmshop

Ludlow Farmshop, Bromfield, Shropshire, England

Ludlow Farmshop, Bromfield is a unique food shopping experience where farming, food production and retailing come together to create a very special environment. All of our beef, lamb and Gloucester Old Spot pork comes from our farm along with the milk used to make our cheese and dairy products. We have a herd of wild fallow deer roaming our land and a bountiful supply of wild game at certain times of the year.

We are passionate about local food, with 80% of the food we sell coming from Shropshire and its surrounding counties. Ludlow Farmshop is designed to not only sell food but to produce it and over half of our products are made in our production units that surround the shop floor. These are visible through glass windows that allow you to see our artisan producers making your food by hand.

We believe in the simple pleasure of better tasting, real food and in making it accessible to all. This means we have a philosophy around how we produce our food. Its a philosophy of practical invention, keeping skills and flavours alive and making the most of our region. We adopt a slower and more responsible approach, ensuring our produce is better considered, produced, and above all, tastes better. Our food is made by real people using traditional methods that we have tried and tested. Our artisan producers make over half of the food we sell by hand. We believe that employing, training and supporting talented food producers is better than using machines.

We are part of the Earl of Plymouths Ludlow Farm which extends to approximately 8,000 acres of Shropshire countryside of which we farm in hand 6,500 acres. The beef, lamb, venison and Gloucester Old Spot pork that we sell from our butchery and that you will find in many of our products and menus, is reared on our own farms on land that surrounds the farm shop. Likewise, the milk used to create our cheese, ice cream and dairy desserts is collected daily from our own dairy farm just two miles away. We are therefore able to ensure optimum quality of our produce from farm to shop.

Opening Hours: -

Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm
Sunday 10am to 5pm

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