Kilver Court Gardens

Kilver Court Gardens, Mallet, Somerset, England

Hidden away behind vast stone textile mills, and beautifully framed by the sweeping curve of the listed Charlton Viaduct, Kilver Court Gardens & Nursery in Somerset are an unexpected and quirky delight for visitors.

The three and a half-acre Gardens, which have featured on BBC programmes including Gardeners? World, are owned by Roger Saul, the founder of Mulberry and a renowned amateur gardener and plantsman.

The Gardens were established in the early 1900s by industrialist Ernest Jardine as a beautiful and inspiring recreational space for workers at his lace mill. Since then, they?ve given enjoyment to generations of visitors and passed through owners including the Showering family (of Babycham fame) and Allied Domecq. Roger bought Kilver Court as a headquarters for Mulberry in 1996, by which time serried ranks of roses had contributed a distinct ?corporation garden? look and feel to the three and a half-acre site?

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