Things to do - Fermanagh

Belleek is famous for its pottery. The Belleek pottery factory, producing the world renowned fine glazed Belleek porcelain, was established in 1857 and is Irelands oldest pottery factory. Visitors can observe the firing, glazing and decorating of potteries by skilled craftsmen as well as learn how the delicate and intricate strands are woven together, the tiny petals, stems and twigs are created by hand and attached to vases and pots. There is also a visitors centre, an audio visual theatre and a museum which provide detailed insight into pottery manufacturing.

Castle Caldwell Forest is a conservation forest containing red deer, bird sanctuaries and walking trails. Castle Caldwell, located in the forest grounds, is a ruin but is due for restoration. Drumskinny Stone Circle consists of 39 stones set in a circle. The arrangement is supposed to be related to the seasons, moon and sun. The site dates from the Bronze Age.