Faith In Cowal

Faith In Cowal, Strachur, Argyll, Scotland

Faith In Cowal is a network of 15+ ancient sites with links to Celtic Christianity in Cowal. Bringing pilgrims or 'faith tourists' to experience the wonderful early Christian landscape of Cowal in Argyll, Scotland.

The Faith in Cowal pilgrim routes are designed to allow you to explore early Celtic Christian heritage in some of Scotland's most inspiring landscapes. Come to the places where the heavens touch the earth, and discover that these places have been marked as special by generations of visitors and inhabitants of the Scottish Highlands.

The Cowal peninsula, in Argyll, is one of the most accessible parts of the Scottish Highlands. Yet, despite that, it's one of the most peaceful places you could hope to holiday in the UK. They're right next door to Glasgow; only an hour or so from Scotland's central belt; and just down the road from Glen Coe valley. But if you're looking to escape the urban jungle - without ending up in a tourist trap - there are few better places on the UK mainland you could do so.

Cowal is more than luscious landscapes and lonely loch-sides though; being just a stone's throw from Ireland and so well connected by loch, lane and river to the heart of Scotland, it's no surprise that the Cowal peninsula is an area where some of the earliest signs of Christianity in the Gaelic world are to be found. Some of the sites we uncovered in developing this pilgrim route probably pre-date St Columba and his 6th Century monastery on the Isle of Iona.

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