Edinburgh Guided Tour

Edinburgh Guided Tour, Edinburgh, Edinburgh Lothian and Falkirk, Scotland

With Edinburgh Guided Tour you can be assured that Stuart and Richard's family roots are steeped in the history of Edinburgh and Scotland. Stuarts great-great grandfather introduced blended whisky to the world. His family had connections with such notables as Sir Walter Scott, Robert Louis Stevenson and even Prime Minister William Gladstone! The Ushers have a fund of humorous anecdotes and stories around the history of our lovely city.

Stuart and Richard will give you inside knowledge on Edinburgh, what to see, where to go and things to do.

They will normally start the tour at the Usher Hall, Scotland's premier concert Hall, that was donated to the city by Stuarts great uncle.

They will take you on a tour showing you many of the major historical, cultural and architectural sites of interest in Edinburgh and also sites associated with some of Edinburgh's most famous characters.

Edinburgh Guided Tour has been awarded 5 Stars on Trip Advisor!

The Edinburgh Guided Walking Group tour costs £25 per adult.

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