Things to do - Isle Of Mull

The Isle of Mull and the neighbouring Island of Iona lie just off the west coast of Scotland. Mull is a large, unspoilt island with a coastline of over 300 miles, yet its population is only about 2700. Much-visited for its scenery (hills, waterfalls, sea caves, forest walks and beaches), it is also very popular for fishing and is home to 2 golf courses (at Tobermory and Craignure). The southern and western parts of the island are where you will find the mountains. The highest of them all at 3169 feet is Ben More whose scree slopes are the remnants of a volcano which exploded 60 million years ago. Mull is an island that bewitches the visitor with its amazing geology and its Celtic and Viking past but perhaps the most captivating thing of all is that the sea seems everywhere you look and every twist in the road presents yet another dazzlingly beautiful seascape.

Tobermory, on the Isle of Mull was selected for the Childrens TV programme Balamory, because of its beautiful location, and, more importantly, its multi-coloured houses. The theme of the programme is based around what happens in and around each coloured house.