Lough Ree

Lough Ree, Moigh, Longford, Southern Ireland

Lough Ree is a lake in the midlands of Ireland, the second of the three major lakes on the River Shannon. Lough Ree is the second largest lake on the Shannon after Lough Derg. The other two major lakes are Lough Allen to the north, and Lough Derg to the south, there are also several minor lakes along the length of the river. The lake is popular for fishing and boating.

In recent years Lough Ree has seen a dramatic improvement in wild trout stocks in response to improved water quality. The local angling club is actively involved in fisheries programmes and operates a hatchery on the system.

Trout fishing can be very good. Early season trolling along the extensive shores is effective using Rapalas of different types and sizes. In recent years fly fishing has proved to be an equal if not better method than trolling provided the angler concentrates on the shallows and around the islands. Hotspots such as Hare island, Inch More, and Inch Turk are all worth exploring to seek out some of the finest wild brown trout specimens an Irish Lough is capable of producing.

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