Things to do - Louth

Ireland's smallest county, Louth is affectionately referred to as 'The Wee County' and derives its name from Lugh, the great pagan god of the ancient Celts. Situated on the north east coast, the county enjoys wonderful views of the mountains and sea and is home to the north east's two principal towns. The spectacular Cooley Peninsula offers a variety of great accommodation and activities, including walking, cycling, horse riding, hill walking, sailing, fishing or windsurfing, all within easy reach.

Carlingford, a National Heritage town, is also a crafts and restaurant haven. Carlingford is one of the most beautiful, historic and interesting coastal towns in the country. Charmingly situated on the Cooley peninsula, which separates Carlingford Lough from Dundalk Bay, this area was quickly spotted by the Norsemen who realised the importance of the area. In the bustling towns of Dundalk and Drogheda there's also a great variety of shops, restaurants, accommodation and nightlife.