Newgrange, Rosnaree, Meath, Southern Ireland

Newgrange, a prehistoric monument in County Meath, Ireland, located eight kilometers west of Drogheda on the north side of the River Boyne. It was built during the Neolithic period, around 3200 BC, making it older than Stonehenge and the Egyptian pyramids. The site consists of a large circular mound with an inner stone passageway and chambers. Human bones and possible grave goods or votive offerings were found in these chambers. The mound has a retaining wall at the front, made mostly of white quartz cobblestones, and is ringed by engraved kerbstones. Many of the larger stones of Newgrange are covered in megalithic art. The mound is also ringed by a stone circle. Some of the material that makes up the monument came from as far away as the Mournes and Wicklow Mountains.

Visitor access to Newgrange is only by guided tour from the Bru na Boinne Visitor Centre on the south side of the river Boyne. Newgrange is on the north side of the river Boyne, visitors cross the river by pedestrian bridge and take a shuttle bus to Newgrange. There is no direct public access to Newgrange by road, except for mornings around the Winter Solstice, so if using a GPS Satellite Navigation System, your destination is Bru na Boinne Visitor Centre.

Opening Times:-

February - April
Daily 09.30 - 17.30

Daily 09.00 - 18.30

June - Mid September
Daily 09.00 - 19.00

Mid - End September
Daily 09.00 - 18.30

Daily 09.30 - 17.30.

November - January
Daily 09.00 - 17.00 .

Knowth is open from 30th March to 7th November inclusive.

Last Admission to the Visitor Centre is 45 minutes before closing.

Average Length of Visit:

A Exhibition: 1 hour.
B Exhibition and Newgrange: 2 hours.
C Exhibition and Knowth: 2 hours.
D Exhibition and Newgrange and Knowth: 3 hours.

Admission Fees:-

Adult: EURO 4.00
Sen/Group: EURO 3.00
Child/Student: EURO 3.00
Family: EURO 10.00

Adult: EURO 7.00
Sen/Group: EURO 6.00
Child/Student: EURO 4.00
Family: EURO 16.00

Adult: EURO 6.00
Sen/Group: EURO 4.00
Child/Student: EURO 4.00
Family: EURO 14.00

Adult: EURO 13.00
Sen/Group: EURO 10.00
Child/Student: EURO 8.00
Family: EURO 30.00

Debit and Credit Cards accepted.

Car / Bus park, minibus shuttle service to Newgrange and Knowth, viewing areas. Centre fully accessible to visitors with disabilities - including toilet facilities. Tourist information point. Picnic area.

Restaurant/Tearooms: Tearooms seating capacity 110.

Tel. +353 (41) 988 0300

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