Sgwd Henrhyd

Sgwd Henrhyd, Coelbren, Powys, Wales

Sgwd Henrhyd in Powys, Wales, is the tallest waterfall in southern Wales with a drop of 90 feet. It lies on National Trust land on the southern edge of the Brecon Beacons National Park. The waterfall is reached after a steep walk down into the valley from the car park established by the National Trust, and is a popular spot to visit. One of the areas most famous visitors was Sir William Edmond Logan (later head of the Geological Survey of Canada), who carried out detailed geological survey work in the area, discovering near the foot of the falls the fossil trees which now stand outside Swansea Museum.

The final scene of The Dark Knight Rises was filmed at the waterfall, where it doubled as the entrance for the Batcave.

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