Castlecomer Wellie Race

Castlecomer Wellie Race, Castlecomer, Kilkenny, Southern Ireland

On New Years Day, the annual Castlecomer Wellie Race takes place. Originally started in 1978 the Powley (an area in the hills surrounding Castlecomer) men decided, while playing cards, on St Stephens day to run off the Christmas excess by having a race over a cross country circuit, uniquely wearing a pair of wellingtons. Later in 1981, the first Castlecomer Wellie Race took place over a 5 km cross country circuit around Kiltown on New Years Day. All race participants must wear appropriate foot attire, wellies. From here the event blossomed and the following year 1982 saw the first float parade. The event continues in that traditional to the present day with a Race Personality opening proceedings of the float parade followed by the wellie race itself.

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