Things to do - Londonderry

Foyle Valley Railway Museum contains many examples of locomotives, signal levers and other railway associated hardware used in the north west region of Ireland during the early 1900s when Londonderry was the centre of railway communications for the area. The visitor can also take a two mile nostalgic ride on a 1934 diesel railcar from the museum.

Londonderrys Old City Walls was built during the period 1613-1618 to protect the new English colonists; it is the only completely walled city in Ireland. Its plans were developed by the City of London, granted a charter in 1613 and thus given the name Londonderry. The city withstood 105 days of siege, during 1688-1689, by King James 2s army. The wall, which has remained in tact throughout, has a one mile long circuit providing many good views of the city and beyond. Harbour Museum provides insight into the maritime history of the city of Londonderry which played a crucial role during the Battle of the Atlantic period, and for its many other links with America.