Northumberland National Park

The National Park welcomes you with some of the most undiscovered landscapes in the country. However, don't let this tranquility affect your view - the present day's landscape has been shaped by a sometimes turbulent past. From the ancient Britons bronze age hillforts to a frontier of the Roman empire, from the debatable lands of the Middle ages to the industrious Victorians, their influence is evident. Northumberland National Park stretches from Hadrian's Wall in the south, through the rolling valleys of the Tyne and Rede to the impressive hills of the Cheviots on the Scottish Border.

Here in Northumberland National Park, you will glimpse wilderness and open landscapes that stir up a deep sense of the past. It is a place where you will find peace and quiet and escape the stresses and strains of modern life - or you will find adventure! Its up to you. Walkers can savour the silence and the beauty of the open fell, stroll through wild forests, or wander alongside peaceful waters. Horse Riders and Cyclists have the choice of tackling rides across wild and challenging moorland, to discover hidden valleys and the sense of true freedom, or they can enjoy quiet open roads, passing through picturesque villages such as Elsdon, Falstone, Greenhaugh, and Alwinton whose pubs and cafes provide cosy breaks between exhilarating rides. In the market towns of Haltwhistle, Rothbury, Bellingham, and Wooler youll find shops to provide everything you need - plus some interesting surprises - and appetising local food. Fairs, countryside shows, and organised events celebrate the richness and distinctiveness of the area.

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